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Same Day Certification
  American Heart Association Classes
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or (St Louis Area)

Short on Time? You may wish to consider one of
our combination classes (online + skills classroom).

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To Register for a Course:  Go to "Class Calendar- Register" on the Menu Bar.
Find the course, date and time that you wish to enroll in. Click on the course name.
Click on "Register Here Now"   Complete all required information on the enrollment Personal Information form.
(Do not click on the Company Member "Login To Register" button. This is for industrial accounts members only!)   Just complete the form and click on "Complete Registration" to submit.
Be sure to provide a good email address that you check on a regular basis. (Your instructor will make contact with you using your provided email address).
Pay for your course.   We will only cancel a class for weather related reasons. Even if only one student is enrolled in class it will be held!

Link to: Midwest CPR Foundation Inc.

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Thank you for expressing interest in American Heart Association's courses.

The next steps, if you have not done so already, is to sign up on either our  or CPR Kansas   website under Calendar.

Link to:  Course Calendar, then click Class Date,
"Register Here Now", Complete Form

Scroll down on the Calendar to select your class date and time link.  Upon registering we will email you, and we will send you an informational email with confirmation, along with directions, and other information about the class.

Please make the payment for the class as soon as possible. Students who have not made payment for the class may not receive the discounted course fee.  While we don't cancel classes because there are too few students, even just one, having a correct number of students does assist us in having the correct amount of equipment and supplies on hand for your class.

Please do not hesitate to contact use for additional information, or any clarifications you might have: or

Thank You

You may also sign up on the AHA class connector website which can be found on the link below, use the zip code 63026 to find our classes.

Once you have selected one of our classes, click the "Details" box.

A new dialog box will pop up, and there is a "Reserve" button. Click that, input your information and the
AHA will accept your information, and send an email to us so that we may email you additional information
(within 12 hours) to confirm your class enrollment.  Note:
Ignore the "Training Center/Training Site information below the Reserve button, it is sometimes confusing.

We also offer classes through our not-for-profit Midwest CPR Foundation Inc.  Midwest CPR

Click on the Class, Date and Time you wish to attend. Then click on "register" and complete your enrollment. Directions will be provided on class location and payment options. Be sure to complete all information required on the form including a working email that you check frequently.