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How to access eCards after completion
of an Approved AHA Course

When will I receive my card?

Students paying for their class in advance (day before scheduled date) will have their card emailed to them the same day (except for holidays). Students paying onsite or day of class will have their ecards emailed to them within 48 hours.

AHA eCards

eHealth CPR's Training Center will now be issuing eCards for BLS, ACLS, PALS, Pediatric First Aid, and Heartsaver students that complete a course.
Once you claim your card on the AHA provided website, you will be issued the certification Card AND a registration code. This code can be given to employers who will have direct access to your certification card by entering the code on the AHA provided website.


You will be able to print your card online and access your card from any internet capable device for two years after the completion of your course and claiming your card online.


A working Email is an absolute necessity in order to receive your certification Card.

How are eCards issued?

For this process, the cards are issued to the participants' emails so they can fill out a short survey about the class and have access to their card for the entire two years.
Participants have the choice to download and save, print, or forward on to anyone. If a paper card is printed and lost, he or she can simply download and print another.
When participants sign in on the roster at our classes they will need to provide an email. It would be preferred to have a personal email address if possible, only because many people do not have access to a 'work' email address from home, this could prolong the process of them receiving their certification.

For employers:

Employers who wish to verify a card can go to: From here, on the bottom of the page, you will see "Employers: Verify an AHA eCard." You can enter the eCard number to look up their cards to save and print for your own records.
The person who participated in the class has to first 'claim' their card by following a link sent to their email within 1 week after their course completion (so long as the course is paid in full). Then they will have access to their course card.

How can I obtain a copy of my ecard?

Visit and either enter your code that you were given upon claiming your card. Imporant, you must have claimed your ecard online from the AHA emailed to you first!

What if I cannot access my email card despite trying the above suggestions? 

FIRST, please check your SPAM or TRASH in your email to make sure that the ecard did not filter to one of these folders in your email as this is a likely cause.

SECOND, contact us to verify that your name was spelled correctly and that you are entering the email that we have on file for you. If the certification is spelled incorrectly or the email is not legible on the course roster when you participated in the class this will result in a delay of you receiving the certification.
Note: Normally your eCard is issued (emailed) the same day for classes beginning before 4:00 p.m. Classes beginning after 4:00 p.m. may receive their Card before noon the next day.  Weekend classes may receive their Card on the following Monday.

Every effort will be made to email your eCard to you in a timely manner. However please note that our Training Center has 20 days to issue the eCards per the AHA.  Link to AHA Information on eCards:  AHA eCard Memo