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Accelerated HeartCode ACLS Competency Agenda Outline

The student-to-instructor ratio is variable with maximum of 6 students to 1 instructor. It is recommended that a minimum ratio for the best student experience is 3 students to 1 instructor.

This agenda has been created to give the instructor the flexibility to adjust the agenda according to the needs and experience of a given student or group of students. Required content must be completed as described in the appropriate Lesson Plans.

A CPR feedback device or manikin must be used for the testing portion of the High-Quality BLS lesson.

All times below are approximate. Total instructional time with 3:1 student-to-instructor ratio can range from 27 minutes when instructors teach only the required lessons to approximately 2 hours 32 minutes when instructors teach the required lessons and all or part of the optional and strongly recommended content, not including breaks, transition time, or remediation time.

Lesson Plan Requirement Course Event Estimated Time (Minutes) Type of Lesson

HC ACLS ACC-1 Required
Course Introduction
15 minutes

HC ACLS ACC-2 Required
Learning/Testing Station:
High-Quality BLS
2 minutes per student*

HC ACLS ACC-3 Required
Learning/Testing Station:
Airway Management
2 minutes per student*

Strongly Recommended
Megacode Testing
13 minutes per student*

The accelerated competency course requires the use of a directive feedback device.
*Practice portion of the content is optional and timing is not included on agenda.

Content within lessons indicated as optional can be included, shortened, or excluded as determined by the instructor, depending upon the students’ needs.

Megacode practice can be adapted to individual group needs. Not every student will necessarily need to lead a practice Megacode.