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Med. Checkups Wed, August 19, 2015 COPD Going Undetected The truth is 1 in

 | Published on 8/19/2015



Med. Checkups




Wed, August 19, 2015

COPD can go Undetected

COPD Going Undetected

The truth is 1 in 4 people likely to develop COPD and may not be aware of it* That is alarming... That is why it's important to know the signs since it can easily be undetected.

Make sure not to go Undetected with COPD.


Review the hidden triggers and signs here with informational-ads.



Is It Early COPD?

Cough is the first sign of COPD. According to theMayo Clinic*

Old Age or COPD?

As you age, your respiratory or breathing system ages, too. But that doesn't mean you should no longer be able to do the things you love.

It's not always easy to tell if you have COPD. Learn how to distinguish the signs of COPD from symptoms of other health issues.

Read more To Manage/Treat and Prevent COPD ?






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