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August 2016 - Issue 8 Missouri high-schoolers to learn CPR before graduation

 | Published on 8/24/2016







August 2016 - Issue 8

Top Stories

Missouri high-schoolers to learn CPR before graduation


Missouri has become the 34th state to add CPR training to its high school curriculum. Read More



Days after taking CPR class, local vice principal saves student's life


It's a scene that could have ended in tragedy, if not for the quick actions of school administrators who rushed to his aid. At first he thought Skyler was joking around, but when he got closer, he knew things were serious.
Read More



Teen Volleyball Player Saved by AED

A 17-year-old who collapsed and went into cardiac arrest during a volleyball game says she's alive because those around her knew just what to do. Every parent should make sure an AED is nearby when students are competing and they should know CPR. Read More


Product Spotlight


Pediatric First Aid CPR AED Classroom


This course is designed to meet the regulatory requirements for child care workers in all 50 United States. Learn More


What are kids eating these days


Meal Planning: How to Pack a Healthy School Lunch


Packing the kids' lunches for school means you know which nutritious foods they are eating. Here are some budget-friendly, creative ideas to keep kids happy and healthy at lunchtime. Read More



Chefs at school get kids to eat veggies


When it comes to making the good-for-you parts of school lunches delicious enough to actually eat, chefs really do earn their keep. Presenting the chef's offerings in an appealing way worked far better than just gussying up traditional school-lunch fare with more choice and better presentation. Read More



13 Healthy Recipes You AND Your Kids Will Actually Love

Because all we want is our children to get through dinner without a vegetable-induced meltdown. Read More




Let's All Stand

Being told to "sit still" in the classroom may soon be a thing of the past. For generations raised on the idea that in order to learn you need to sit down and sit still, standing desks represent a paradigm shift. Read More



Sometimes it's ok to Text

Heart Healthy Grilling

High schooler's texting system reminds heart patients to take meds. "My research began in grade seven when I read about a young man who passed away because he missed his medication". Read More



A Walking School Bus


So what is a walking school bus, exactly? "It's like a carpool, except we walk," says 10-year-old CJ Stanton, who "rides" with Nic and Lizey. "There are different little stops, and the group just keeps getting bigger and bigger with more and more kids the closer we get to school." Read More




Federal efforts to make schools nutritious are working

Ongoing federal efforts to make school meals more nutritious and widely available to low-income students are working and should be left alone. Now is not the time to walk back away from the progress we've made to date.Read More



USDA proposes healthier fare for child, adult day cares

As teachers lament seeing toddlers too large to fit in playground swings, a federal program that feeds millions of low-income children may be overhauled for the first time in almost 50 years, aiming to make the meals at day cares healthier and reduce obesity.Read More



USDA recommends tool to help schools pick healthier foods

USDA recommends

Schools can use the calculator by entering a particular entrée, snack or side item and answering a few questions. The calculator responds with whetherthe product meets the new USDA Smart Snacks in School Guidelines. Read More



In the Know


Protect PE in Schools

Fish TanksD

Physical education teaches kids about their bodies, how to be active, and the overall value of making healthy choices. With daily PE, we can keep kids' hearts healthy and their minds in gear to do their best at school. Read More



And why We Need to Keep PE in Schools

A 12-year-old from Texas saved her dad using CPR she learned in PE class.Read More



Life's Simple 7 for Kids

Life's Simple 7 for Kids

Making small choices every day will help keep your heart healthy. Life's Simple 7™ for kids was developed to help you understand how your lifestyle affects your heart so that you can make those heart-healthy choices. Read More


A Word from Stroke


What kind of Super Hero are you?

Keeps the Beat

You don't need superpowers to be a Stroke Hero. You can be a Stroke Hero by controlling your blood pressure and other risk factors and by knowing F.A.S.T, the warning signs of stroke, so you're ready to take action. Read More



Stroke in Adolescents

When Erica Singleton fell on the playground in the fourth grade and couldn't get up, neither her teacher, the school nurse nor her mother thought much of it. Stroke was certainly not on their list of possibilities. Stroke in children (from birth to age 18) occurs infrequently, between 4.6 and 6.4 per 100,000 depending on the study. Read More